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Many in Taiwanese society view the zhuyin system through a cultural or political lens, and consider it a mark of tradition that Taiwan has maintained the phonetic writing system originally developed for the instruction of Chinese in the early 1900s.
We are excited to partner with CGI to deliver the Army Contract Writing System to the contracting workforce.
Braille is a writing system that uses rectangular blocks that contain tiny palpable bumps called raised dots.
In 1975 Brent developed the writing system for die So:lo's language, Upriver Halkomelem, and eventually published its first grammar and dictionary.
She also gives equal importance to the writing system itself and to the discipline that focuses on its analysis, since these are the key aspects that define the concept of graphology.
After centuries Sumerians invented cuneiform writing system and then Elamites and Assyrians learned to use this writing system and then Iranians started to use this writing system, but while the Assyrian cuneiform had 700 signs and Elamites cuneiform had 300 signs, Iranian cuneiform had only forty two signs for setting their alphabet.
The central argument of the article is that the lexicographic macrostructure and microstructures of the Shuowen are designed to prove that the changes in the writing systems are historically and graphemically observable, and consequently that the original intentions of the sages who used guwen to write the classics are literally recoverable by working backwards through the reforms and changes in writing to a proper understanding of how they classified and used their words in the guwen writing system.
traces the story of how Sequoyah invented a writing system for the Cherokee language in 1821 that the people could use instead of succumbing to the pressure to write and speak English.
Among the documents are manuscripts written in the so-called proto-Elamite writing system used in ancient Iran from 3,200 to 3,000 BC and which is the oldest undeciphered writing system currently known.
THE CHEROKEE SYLLABARY: WRITING THE PEOPLE'S PERSEVERANCE is a pick for any college-level Native American history holding and tells of a writing system introduced in 1821 by Sequoyah, a Cherokee metalworker and inventor.
Written to be accessible to linguists and lay readers alike, The Cherokee Syllabary: Writing the People's Perseverance chronicles the history of a modern writing system for the Cherokee language, first created in 1821 by a Cherokee metalworker named Sequoyah.
As part of his exploration of the diversity of scripts, Stephen visits Mr Zhou, inventor of the Chinese writing system Pinyin.
Egyptian hieroglyphics made up a formal writing system used by the Ancient Egyptians that contained a combination of pictographs (e.
Talking watches and new writing system for the behind were among the attractions in an exhibition at Birmingham's resource centre for blind people.
The name of which writing system means, in Greek, sacred carved writing?