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a style of expressing yourself in writing

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Martin sat with school librarian Cathy Gross as she answered questions about her writing style and inspiration Thursday.
I tried different writing styles in the exhibition and the one I wrote with on the theme of a journalist virtue is the same writing style that was written on the Gwanggaeto Stele, a memorial stele for the tomb of King Gwanggaeto the Great of Goguryeo.
The workshops included many activities for youth, like dialogue writing, use of multimedia and drama writing style.
The workshops include many activities for youth, like dialogue writing, use of multimedia and drama writing style.
As a co-author of the editorial, I'd like to respond to John's comment about the writing style being overly academic.
The Harry Potter series because I'm not a fan of JK Rowling's writing style, although I did quite enjoy the films.
His writing style was direct, laconic, and as a pioneer of modern romanticism, his novels were a significant departure from the literary styles of storytelling that preceded him and became a model for a great many novelists that came after him.
Teachers are more familiar with students' writing style because pupils submit written questions and comments, instead of asking them aloud.
His relaxed yet detailed writing style allows the reader to begin to understand what it was like to live and work in Saigon, both for a Vietnamese and an American; even such insignificant events as shopping and taking a taxi turn must be pre-planned, and Stewart draws the reader directly into the traffic with him.
Duffin's light, witty writing style belies his impressive academic background in early tuning systems.
Altogether, researchers have considered more than 1,000 features of writing style.
The author is too wise to get bogged down in academic detail, and for the most part his writing style is clear and straightforward.
Klug blends good scholarship with a clear writing style, making this book educational and easy to follow.
Harris's writing style often thumps along like a tired hooker; what's supposed to be sexy and intriguing ends up formulaic and predictable.
Describing at length the drudgery of a day in a cubicle with almost appalling vividity, Young British Slacker compels the reader's attention with its unique writing style and tactile-perfect realism in its capture of the stream-of-consciousness thoughts and emotions of a wage slave.