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The figures represent more than a tenth of the total paper imports, making writing paper the most popular imported paper item in the country, said the UN Comtrade statistics.
NPG is currently Japan's largest manufacturer of printing and writing paper and one of the world's top-five papermakers.
Overall, printing and writing paper prices declined in 2001.
You noticed the blocks of children's writing paper first, juxtaposed, overlapping - a territory, six-by-seven feet, made up of other territories; later, after looking (listening) a while longer, other blocks emerged: red and white ones made up of rolling, seemingly dead dolls' eyes; yellow ones of lips like bananas or coffee beans; and even black ones, with little blackface faces floating inside.
While demand for printing and writing paper in Western markets is static or declining, Asia--led by China--is just the opposite.
Printing & Writing Paper Wholesales Report" report to their offering.
Contract Awarded for provision of printing and writing paper
From the printers point of view, the key issues facing the printing and writing paper industry are changes in print quality and runnability.
The furnish for the production of high-quality printing and writing paper comprises 80% SOP (Sorted Office Paper) and 20% OMG (Old Magazines).
How you see the printing and writing paper market depends on how and where you look at it.
The Printing & Writing Paper Wholesales report, published annually, contains timely and accurate industry statistics, forecasts and demographics.
Dean added, "If all printing and writing paper in the country met the Green Seal standard, it would result in removing more than 2 million tons from the solid waste stream annually.
This report, published every year since 1996, provides a complete guide to printing and writing paper production, trade and consumption in Russia.