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The figures represent more than a tenth of the total paper imports, making writing paper the most popular imported paper item in the country, said the UN Comtrade statistics.
NPG is currently Japan's largest manufacturer of printing and writing paper and one of the world's top-five papermakers.
Overall, printing and writing paper prices declined in 2001.
And by using children's writing paper as a base, she also recalls Jasper Johns' lifted everyday-industrial imagery, as well as his own grid works stretching toward infinity.
Contract notice: production terms of printing and binding books with writing paper and cardboard, the contractor will make available.
While demand for printing and writing paper in Western markets is static or declining, Asia--led by China--is just the opposite.
Printing & Writing Paper Wholesales Report" report to their offering.
The Printing & Writing Paper Wholesales report, published annually, contains timely and accurate industry statistics, forecasts and demographics.
How you see the printing and writing paper market depends on how and where you look at it.
This report, published every year since 1996, provides a complete guide to printing and writing paper production, trade and consumption in Russia.
While market pulp prices have enjoyed a recovery in the 4th quarter of 2004, printing and writing paper demand slowed and newsprint demand remained anemic.
Contract Awarded for provision of printing and writing paper
Also, the company is planning to install a new 100,000 metric tons/yr printing and writing paper machine at the same mill.