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the name that appears on the by-line to identify the author of a work

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Editor's note: The letters after the writer's name stand for: Senior Professional Public Adjustor; Public Adjustor; and Certified Mold Inspector.
Letters must include the writer's name, address and company affiliation and may be edited for length and clarity.
The writer's name is being withheld because of the dangers of reporting in Zimbabwe.
Letters should not exceed 250 words and should include the writer's name, address and daytime phone number.
Essays should be no longer than 100 words and contain the writer's name, age, city of residence and contact phone number (not for publication).
The writer's name and full postal address should be included with each piece of writing.
Entries can be sent to the Birmingham Humanists Newsletter Editor at 157 Welford Road, Shirley, B90 3HT, enclosing the writer's name, address, age and date of birth.
I cannot remember the writer's name,but it was something simple like John Smith but his pen name was Rafael Saba tini.
Publish a similar piece about African Americans, attach a white writer's name to it, and the only question would be, do we boycott or riot?
In order to be considered for publication, letters must include the writer's name, address, and phone number.
Letters may be edited for purposes of clarity or space and must include the writer's name and e-mail address or daytime phone number.
Searchers will be able to enter terms to search the full file, and a results list will supply bibliographic information, including date, page number, and writer's name.
Correspondence must include the writer's name and address.
The bibliography is organized first by writer and, where appropriate, under each writer's name, by genre.
Send stories, with the writer's name, age or grade, and which school they attend, to clintonitem@yahoo.