writer's cramp

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muscular spasms of thumb and forefinger while writing with a pen or pencil

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Christine said that the DTI scans of the writer's cramp patients revealed areas of abnormalities in the white matter of nerve pathways connecting the main sensorimotor cortex to brain areas below the cortex, such as the thalamus.
Chadwick says: 'Experts looking at William Shakespeare's writing think he probably had writer's cramp, Rick Parfitt, the guitarist from Status Quo, had to cancel concerts because of trapped nerves in his wrist and Pete Sampras has suffered from Achilles tendonitis in his leg.
By the time the Democrats convened, the 15,000 media wretches had dark circles under their eyes and writer's cramp in their weary bones.
In one version of my personal heaven, I can get a massage to soothe a stiff neck and tight shoulders (the real writer's cramp, thanks to too many hours sitting at a computer) any time I want.
Adam Weatherby, who along with Brad, was taking notes during the open-discussion phase of the meeting, was getting writer's cramp trying to get everything down on paper
In the office, carpal tunnel syndrome has replaced writer's cramp and scrivener's palsy as the bane of information workers.
Now, at the Botox Clinic at the University of North Carolina Hospitals, doctors are using it to treat such neuromuscular disorders as blepharospasm, torticollis, cerebral palsy, facial spasms, laryngeal dystonia, and even writer's cramp.
A new study suggests that the hand and arm spasms of chronic writer's cramp are not just psychosomatic symptoms, as some psychologists thought.
They wonder what there is in Graham's character that has driven him to get writer's cramp from signing death warrants (about ninety in six years).
According to the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation, approximately 300,000 people in North America suffer from some form of dystonia, which ranges from writer's cramp to spasmodic torticollis.
November 3, 1981 Holmfirth artist Ashley Jackson was nursing a bad case of writer's cramp after signing 4,000 Christmas cards for the Yorkshire Building Society.
The only thing this silly lady is going to get is writer's cramp when she fills in forms that require her full name.
Afterwards referee Stuart Attwell was slated on radio phone-ins by angry Wolves fans, but the truth is the official clamped down on both Wolves' antics and United's retaliatory challenges, leaving the whistler with writer's cramp.
The DYT1 GAG deletion is infrequent in sporadic and familial writer's cramp.