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Synonyms for write-off

(accounting) reduction in the book value of an asset

the act of cancelling from an account a bad debt or a worthless asset

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Mark Bailey, head of CDL Vehicle Information Systems, which owns My Car Check, said: "We are checking new category write-offs almost daily now, so the fact that nine out of 10 people are unaware of them is a worry, especially when you consider that four of those who did know were motor traders.
As a result of write-offs, the amount of the state external debt Kyrgyzstan will decrease by 6.
That is why the Government increased the per-asset threshold of the instant asset write-off from $1,000 to $20,000 and extended the program in the Budget until 30 June 2018.
When write-offs occur, particular attention should be paid to the facts and circumstances leading to management's impairment of goodwill as required by the standard (SFAS 142, ASC 350-20-50-2).
Comparing bad debt expense each year to write-offs during that year is one measure of the accuracy of bad debt estimates.
But category A or B write-off is a vehicle that should have been crushed and never returned to the road.
76 billion, and net write-offs nearly doubled to $210 million, still well within the increased bad-debt provision of $314 million.
The number of total losses declared by insurance companies has risen by 86 per cent a year since 1998, meaning write-offs now amount to almost a quarter of all insurance claims.
HPI says that eight% of the vehicles it checks are recorded as a category A or B write-off and should have been crushed.
The biggest write-off by a single authority was pounds 6.
Suominen's goodwill after the write-off amounts to 26 million [euro].
a write-off entry) that removes the debt from both the receivable and allowance accounts maintained on the taxpayer's books.
107-314) required GAO to review and report on DOD's use of this write-off authority.
These may include an apology, an explanation, assurance that it won't happen again, a new doctor or nurse, a change in policies or procedures or, of course, a reduction or write-off of the bill.
Section 179 of the tax code, however, permits a full write-off of some equipment purchases as business expenses.