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write about a particular topic

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TD: As the only writer among three sisters, I have always known it would fall to me to write about my parents, particularly my mother, to document her experiences in the civil rights movement.
I write about those books being lost throughout the history of China.
A journal for me is a five-subject spiral notebook with wide ruled lines where each day I write ten minutes without stopping, whether I can think of something to write about or not.
I would write about works of art, then, about pieces of architecture and recorded music - objects that would continue to maintain themselves in the quotidian present subsequent to my transporting them out of it.
DMS) questioned 600 people who write one or more blogs on the Web, and examined why they write blogs and what they write about.
In the Ukrainian university, students in the educational psychology class followed instructions to write about the crisis in nearby Moscow in which Chechens besieged and held hostage an international audience at a theatre.
Baraka: I wanted to write about the music, so it didn't matter.
I'm sad that more of our writers don't write about the larger social, cultural issues.