writ of prohibition

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a judicial writ from a higher court ordering a lower court not to exercise jurisdiction in a particular case

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Issue a mandate in the nature of a writ of prohibition prohibiting the 1st Respondent from functioning as Minister in charge of the subjects of Transport, Rural Development, Road Development and Motor Traffic;
At the circuit court level, in Pratte, the public defender sought a writ of prohibition to prevent Judge Pratte from appointing the public defender to represent an indigent defendant in contravention of the Commission's regulations.
When the trial court has confused the protection of attorney work-product impressions with the normal information-gathering operation of insurance adjusters, the remedy is clear: Reach for a writ of prohibition seeking to bar enforcement of the trial judge's errant order.
Section 13 empowered the Supreme Court to issue the prerogative writ of prohibition to the districts courts, when those courts were proceeding as courts of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction.
A state inmate petitioned for a writ of prohibition to prevent the U.
Maneke, the Missouri Press Association's legal hotline counselor, said the court is "totally wrong" and filed a petition for writ of prohibition in late September asking the Missouri Court of Appeals' Western District to overrule the circuit court.
This category typically involves a third party seeking a writ of mandamus or writ of prohibition challenging the constitutionality of one or more statutes.
After the Primary Case was decided and had become final, the Three issued a writ of prohibition against the Court of Five (except the dissenting justice, who, of course, was one of the Three), in which: (1) the Three redecided the confidentiality issue, holding that judges were not entitled to confidentiality during judicial review proceedings in which they challenge the Commission's jurisdiction; (2) the Three stopped the ongoing investigation into the Nevada Supreme Court and the Attorney General's office; and (3) the Three ordered the members of the supreme court panel, which decided the Primary Case, "to cease and desist from any further action" in the Primary Case, including the filing of any documents in that case.
This is a petition for a writ of prohibition to restrain the Respondent superior court from taking any action, except dismissal thereof in a writ of mandate proceeding pending in that court, wherein the real parties in interest seek to set aside a decision of petitioner.
Sonora also announced that the Supreme Court of Nevada has allowed its appeal and a Writ of Prohibition has been issued ordering that Sonora cannot be joined in an action filed in 1992 by Harvard Gold Mining Company.
Madam Wureh says the WSR is cognizant of the mounting tensions and unease in the country with the declaration of the Writ of Prohibition, but notes that the WSR is in an advocacy with political parties and others stakeholders including successful mediation between youth of opposition political parties and the security forces.
As a result, on April 9, 2015, the state, through the Attorney General's Office, petitioned the Fourth District Court of Appeal for a writ of prohibition seeking to disqualify Judge Contini from a list of 962 cases.
The group also asked for the issuance of a writ of prohibition stopping the government from making good Mr.
Petitioners also sought a Writ of Prohibition from the Court restraining the Vice Chancellors of Wayamba, Ruhunu, Sri Jayawardenapura and Peradeniya Universities, members of the Senate of the respective Universities, University Grants Commission, Deans of Faculties and Higher Education Minister S.