writ of mandamus

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an extraordinary writ commanding an official to perform a ministerial act that the law recognizes as an absolute duty and not a matter for the official's discretion

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The court analyzed "three demanding requirements" that had to be met before a writ of mandamus is issued.
Congress has codified the common law writ of mandamus and by statute federal courts "may issue all writs necessary or appropriate in aid of their respective jurisdictions and agreeable to the usages and principles of law.
1998) (en banc), the circuit noted "that the writ of mandamus may issue to correct a clear abuse of discretion or the failure to carry out a ministerial task.
Ill S Ct R 383; see Balciunas v Duff, 94 Ill 2d 176, 188-89, 446 NE2d 242, 247-48 (1983) ("The writ of mandamus is an extraordinary remedy which should not, under normal circumstances, be sued to regulate discovery.
Circuit's writ of mandamus was void and allowing the DOE for the first time to invoke the Unavoidable Delays defense.
1930) (holding that a writ of mandamus is appropriate to compel a municipality to levy a tax that it is legally bound to impose).
In 1976, the Supreme Court in Thermtron Products identified a narrow exception to the strict bar to appellate review of remand orders: A remand order may be reviewed on petition for writ of mandamus where the district court has remanded a case "on grounds not authorized by the removal statutes.
Baxter, Circuit Court Judge for Baker County, Oregon has granted Oregon Trail's motion to dismiss the Alternative Writ of Mandamus he had previously issued in a case filed by Stilwell Associates, L.
The case was noteworthy because Wood and his team obtained a writ of mandamus overturning several of the trial court's rulings on pretrial discovery matters, and in the process created new law favorable to corporate defendants sued in derivative actions in Texas.
The second case, filed in the Federal District Court for the District of Columbia, seeks injunctive relief and a writ of mandamus ordering delivery of the Ward Valley site to California.
NYSE MKT: MGT) was informed on April 23, 2014 that the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled on a Petition for Writ of Mandamus, sought by WMS Gaming, Inc.
The Court's Order granted the Petition for Writ of Mandamus filed by Mr.
nd] Judicial Circuit Court in Leon County, Zurich must show good cause why, pursuant to state statutory mandates, the Court should not issue a Writ of Mandamus directing the OIR to revoke Zurich's current licenses, and to not issue new certificates of authority.
In the meantime, a writ of mandamus will soon be submitted in his case to the Oregon Supreme Court because of some decisions made by the Clackamas County Circuit Court in pretrial motions in this round.