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made more obvious or prominent

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Mr Justice Hickinbottom said: "On any view, this was tragedy writ large.
Researching Catherine de Valois for The Agincourt Bride and The Tudor Bride drew me into all the messy 15th Century conflicts like the Wars of the Roses, essentially family squabbles writ large.
The pall of gloom still writ large on the horizon of district and everyone was grieved over the massacre.
The singer's cheeky persona is writ large over the sharp pop funk of opener Did You Miss Me?
Forms-humans, animals, machines, and an array of objects that populate the landscape-are cut, deconstructed, and writ large.
But society writ large needs to be shocked that some are brutally murdered and quickly forgotten, like a paper cup rather than a human being
First, the sound of crunching metal; then, the sight of a big HGV disappearing into the distance, with a "so long, sucker" expression writ large in its tail-lights.
His work with machine interfacing can be seen as a type of engineering application of Korzybski's early theorizing about extensional devices--ergonomics writ large so to speak.
Aside from the irritation on the eyes for us at home, staff must live in fear of their lunchtime browsing session on Amazon being writ large behind a discussion of North Korea's nuclear capabilities.
Knopf, the Harvard College and Business School graduate's book will argue that true gender equality has yet to be realized in the workplace, and the world writ large.
His name writ large on the screen above, he delighted the enthralled audience to songs from stage, screen and record, his rich, powerful tones putting his own signature on many a classic.
Its preservation and replication is a good deed writ large," said Mr.
argues that the new study is a good example "of the progress that has been made in understanding how we can predict social behavior writ large.
Basically, virtually any property horror story involving corruption you could ever associate with property development and purchase was writ large in Bulgaria.
Among the topics are the ethnography of schooling writ large 1955-2010, the anthropology of language planning and policy, the predicament of embodied nationalisms and educational subjects, variations on diversity and the risks of bureaucratic complicity, and a sociohistorical perspective for participatory action research and youth ethnography in social justice education.