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made more obvious or prominent

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Rather than focusing on the technical details, the emotional content of the story is writ large, charting the brothers' shared dreams and passion for invention, the occasional setbacks and frustrations, their determination to keep trying and the excitement of success.
The satisfaction was writ large having scored runs on a difficult track.
Put bluntly, the conversation we're really having now isn't about how we view the immigration of specific people from specific countries under specific circumstances; it's about how we view immigration writ large.
A FAMILY of North East farmers has seen their lives writ large on the silver screen after a critically acclaimed movie received its regional premiere.
Happiness was writ large on the faces of the unfortunate children.
Worries were writ large on Vijender's face when he entered the secretariat to meet the chief minister and then the DGP.
Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, Anne Patterson, also "traveled to Amman and Saudi Arabia to conduct meetings and conversations with a variety of regional parties on the crisis in Yemen writ large," Harf confirmed.
And that means austerity writ large, as far as Mr Cameron and Osborne are concerned.
Mr Justice Hickinbottom said: "On any view, this was tragedy writ large.
Researching Catherine de Valois for The Agincourt Bride and The Tudor Bride drew me into all the messy 15th Century conflicts like the Wars of the Roses, essentially family squabbles writ large.
The pall of gloom still writ large on the horizon of district and everyone was grieved over the massacre.
The singer's cheeky persona is writ large over the sharp pop funk of opener Did You Miss Me?
But society writ large needs to be shocked that some are brutally murdered and quickly forgotten, like a paper cup rather than a human being
His work with machine interfacing can be seen as a type of engineering application of Korzybski's early theorizing about extensional devices--ergonomics writ large so to speak.
Knopf, the Harvard College and Business School graduate's book will argue that true gender equality has yet to be realized in the workplace, and the world writ large.