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a watch that is worn strapped to the wrist


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Featuring a tourbillon escapement with Guillaume balance, it sheds a new light on the history of this complication in wristwatch form, as it is most certainly the first prototype of a series of OMEGA wristwatch tourbillons from the late 1940s that unfortunately never saw the light of day.
An Emirati passenger had forgotten his wristwatch near his seat in the plane's business class in April.
According to the Guinness World Records, the first ever wristwatch was made for a woman in Hungary, Countess Koscowicz in 1868.
Once installed, people can turn on their television (or switch off), change channels and control volume right from the Galaxy Gear wristwatch, while at home.
You're free to use your wristwatch as long as your aircraft has the required installed equipment.
GALLERY: Curved concepts and other smartphone prototypes GALLERY: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GALLERY: Samsung Galaxy Gear companion wristwatch
New York, October 7 ( ANI ): A new digital wristwatch 'Tikker' has been designed to help users determine how long they have left to live.
Summary: The wristwatch has come a long way from being a simple device that tells you the time.
One thing the scientists haven't predicted is once they've strapped the death test wristwatch on us will we actually want to know the result?
The New York Times reported in February that Apple was experimenting with the design of a device similar to a wristwatch that would operate on the same iOS platform as its iPhone and iPad and would be made with curved glass.
The warning came after the auction for the Rolex wristwatch of metropolitan bishop Nikolay fell through.
15 -- Hot on the heels of a rumoured Galaxy wristwatch from Samsung, a batch of leaked images of the device's interface have made their way to the web.
The 'Automatic Seamaster Professional Planet Ocean' wristwatch by Omega was specially made in titanium so that Craig could wear it during action scenes in the latest 007 movie.
Wristwatch Annual 2012 packs in hundreds of new watch designs and provides the fourteenth updated edition to update a classic survey of wristwatch values.
Wearing a wristwatch can Lead to transmission of infection by impeding proper hand washing and the watch may harbour pathogens.