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Synonyms for wristwatch

a watch that is worn strapped to the wrist


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Lamis Omar Al-Gelban said she invented the wristwatch as a life-saving device.
18c gold Chopard wristwatch with a single diamond and red dial
Once installed, people can turn on their television (or switch off), change channels and control volume right from the Galaxy Gear wristwatch, while at home.
It's worth pointing out, too, that a valuable wristwatch is functional as well as elegant.
The wristwatch requires the person wearing it to fill out a personal questionnaire on their health history and age to set a timer which shows the exact seconds, minutes, days and years left in their life, Mashable.
While Blancpain dominated the complications arena with an elegant red-gold device that associated Carrousel and Repetition Minutes complications with a flyback chronograph, Breitling - through its stunningly orange Emergency II - demonstrated how a wristwatch can facilitate survival as efficiently as it tells the time.
Nikolay had vowed to sell the wristwatch to cover the unpaid electricity bills of the cathedral.
Wristwatches represent the perfect marriage of practicality and style, but in the age of the smartphone it appeared for a spell that the wristwatch had had its day and it was time for a new form of digital timepiece.
The 'Automatic Seamaster Professional Planet Ocean' wristwatch by Omega was specially made in titanium so that Craig could wear it during action scenes in the latest 007 movie.
Wearing a wristwatch can Lead to transmission of infection by impeding proper hand washing and the watch may harbour pathogens.
Wristwatch Annual 2012 packs in hundreds of new watch designs and provides the fourteenth updated edition to update a classic survey of wristwatch values.
Last year, the Patna police had launched an investigation to find out how his precious Rolex wristwatch found its way to global auction house Sotheby's, which planned to put the watch under the hammer in November.
but the good old-fashioned wristwatch still inspires collectors.
Much more than a wristwatch, the i'mWatch can receive Facebook and Twitter notifications, send and receive text and email messages, and check the weather via Bluetooth.
Despite the millions they spent on this lavish period drama, one bitpart actor insisted on wearing a wristwatch.