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a band or bracelet worn around the wrist


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Beginning this holiday season, Greene + Gray's women's collection includes Macbook wristlets and carryalls and versatile iPhone 5 wallets that can stand alone as accessories or combine for a complete tech-toting set.
Plus, registrants can refer up to 10 of their friends who are all eligible for a Dooney & Bourke Monogram Rope Wristlet, valued at $40 each.
Carry a small clutch or wristlet in your daytime tote -- when the evening festivities are underway, you have just enough space to carry the essentials and look chic at the same time.
The store carries a wide variety of options, from functional bags like the MLB golf bags to the more straightforward multi-use backpacks and duffle bags to fun and funky clinch bags, wristlets, slings, totes, messenger bags, and more.
The court concluded that nine of the 12 items in controversy fell within the definition of clothing: flame-retardant jacket, pants and hood; hardhat, snood, work gloves, leggings, metatarsal boots and wristlets.
Funds were raised by registration fees, 50-50 raffles, sale of food and drinks including the Maurer Foundation's pink and white cookies, vendor contributions, and the sale of t-shirts and other promotional items such as flashlights, lanyards, and rubber wristlets.
In the past two years, Soini, owner of Leominster-based Earthen Moss, has expanded her line to include wristlets and smart phone sleeves.
The packaging offers a nod to the classic perfume flacon, but it also features Burch's signature design elements, like fretwork as seen in the brass details in her Madison Avenue flagship shop and her medallion logo that adorns everything from wristlets to flip flops.
The store's intuA[degrees] itive layout and customer service staff will completely immerse the shopper in the product selection that consists of handbags, totes, hobos, clutches, wallets, wristlets, shoes, sandals, ballerinas and platform career pumps.
Dubai: With the launch of Samsung's brand new smartphone -- the Galaxy S4 -- Belkin has announced a line-up of accessories that includes cases, folios, wristlets and a sport armband in a range of stylish colours, finishes and materials to give Samsung Galaxy S4 users a choice of protective solutions for their new device.
One of the German diplomats distributed green wristlets packed in a bag among the people (on Ashoura Day)C*," the detainee said at the time, adding, "It was obvious that they hadn't made them in Iran.
They included fine copper chains, wristlets, profusely elaborate staff" ornaments (some decorated with coloured beads, vessels brilliantly cast in the shape of shells, drinking cups, pots, sword scabbards, pendants, a copper altar stand, and flywhisks).
Wristlets may be used in lieu of the chest or full body harness if the employer can demonstrate that the use of a chest or full body harness is not feasible, that creates a greater hazard and that the use of wristlets is the safest and most effective alternative.
Her jewellery consists of a long necklace, earrings, armlets, wristlets, and waistband.
people from the Southern Zaria and Benue areas of central Nigeria had achieved a high degree of cultural sophistication via their knowledge of iron smelting wherein they adorned themselves with tin and stone beads, earrings, nose rings and bracelets, which became known as the Nok culture; the Igbo-Ukwu people instituted bronze casting of staff heads, crowns, breastplates, pendants, ornaments, anklets, wristlets and chains in a small village near Awka dating from 19th century A.