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Synonyms for wristband

band consisting of a part of a sleeve that covers the wrist

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a band of cloth or leather or metal links attached to a wristwatch and wrapped around the wrist

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Sir," said Gentleman Jones, smoothing down his wristbands again, and addressing me blandly as I lay on the floor, "I have the honor to inform you that you have now received your first lesson in politeness.
Here, in gold-embroidered red doublet, jewelled surcoat, and gilt-edged ruff and wristbands, stood Sir Anthony Sherard, with his silver-and-black armour piled at his feet.
said Albert gayly, arranging his cravat and wristbands, "you are really most kind, and I hope you will consider me as under eternal obligations to you, in the first place for the carriage, and in the next for this visit," and he put out his hand to the Count, who shuddered as he gave his own, but who nevertheless did give it.
His wristbands and collar were oppressive; his voice and manner were oppressive.
For more than 20 years, Wristband Resources has provided the identification wristbands worn by patrons at concerts, festivals, water parks, school trips, nightclubs, museums, and hundreds of other venues.
Proof wristband transmits the information to the app, which then shows a chart of how high their blood alcohol level is.
Cambridge CMOS Sensors Ltd, a member of the ams group, today announced that Chinese wearable device manufacturer HiCling is using its ultra-low power gas sensors to enable the new Cling VOC smart fitness wristband to measure indoor air quality and alcohol in breath.
They can do so in advance of the gig, but revellers are only able to collect their own wristband - they can't pick any up for any other people in their party.
To celebrate, we are giving our readers a whopping saving of PS30 each with our 2-for-1 wristband offer.
lt;BWales' Simon Church, Sam Vokes and Chris Gunter with the 'Together Stronger' wristband David Rawcliffe
The ticket includes a weekend festival wristband, plus two nights in one of the PZYK Dorms.
As Wales open their World Cup campaign against Uruguay today in Cardiff, Henson has joined a glut of other big names who have also backed the wristband, including captain Sam Warburton and Ashley Williams, skipper of the Wales Euro 2016-chasing football side.
Tennis-lover Camilla got hold of the wristband after Andy chucked it into the crowd following his second-round Centre Court victory over Dutchman Robin Haase.
com)-- The Digital Carefree Child Geo-Fence Protection Wristband Alarm System from Vigilant Personal Protection Systems is a distance-aware child safety system, designed to give a child freedom to roam carefree and tether free from you, but within limits.
Zebra Technologies is working with the Middle East's healthcare sector to help hospitals in the region meet patient safety goals, satisfy the demands of regulatory and accreditation bodies and improve efficiency and care for adult patients and children through enhanced patient identification and visibility of information, including its unique LaserBand healthcare wristband solution, starting at the bedside.