wrist band

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a band or bracelet worn around the wrist


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Whoever set this up has never attended a concert or party where drinking age is established by the same system and ALL the people who shouldn't have wrist bands are able through subterfuge to obtain them).
Mr Page said the box had been full as all the wrist bands had been sold.
The Vigilant PPS-JBD01 comes with one wrist band, but the system can handle an unlimited number of children wearing wrist bands.
Families can purchase wrist bands for $25 per family of two adults and three children.
The wrist band program helps students monitor their progress and pace, letting them know in a more subtle, yet constant, manner whether they're "on track," "highly on track" or need to pick up the pace a little bit.
A biometric sensor is embedded in the wrist band, and the assembly also houses a GPS receiver, a barometer, a depth sensor (the watch is rated at up to 25atm/250m) and a thermometer.
Mr Sutton went with his son into the male changing room and put their clothes into a box which they handed to a member of staff and were given a red wrist band.
Temple proudly showed off her wrist band in green, white and black, but complained that it was a little big for her wrist.
A range of venues and stores are offering discounts to music fans who buy a pounds 3 wrist band to help fund the event.
He also threw his wrist band and kicked a chair in the dugout in frustration.
I was so happy that I didn't even think of looking at the wrist band.
The thin film device could be worn as a wrist band to warn wearers they risk receiving a potentially harmful dose of ultraviolet rays.
Waddle conceded he couldn't prove his ID as he didn't have the yellow wrist band.
A GRAN nearly died after a bungling nurse gave her penicillin - even though she wore a red wrist band to warn she was ALLERGIC to the drug.
The Life Tag is a small device which can be worn on a wrist band or attached to a person in many other ways.