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Synonyms for wry

marked by or displaying contemptuous mockery of the motives or virtues of others

Synonyms for wry

humorously sarcastic or mocking

bent to one side

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A new 7,264 s/f lease on behalf of building wrier Heyman Properties at 333 Post Road West in Westport, CT.
For clarification I am not a politician but a civil servant and a wrier for the Juba Post.
Filtering: For t = 1 to t = T perform filtering according to the algorithm in the previous section and obtain weights wrier for all i.
Baker & Wrier, 1985; Charlop-Christy & Haymes, in press; Dyer, 1989; Ives et al.
A pre-existing wrier crossing or cross country pipeline represents a significant investment, and it is always more cost-effective if it can be protected.