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Synonyms for wrest

Synonyms for wrest

to alter the position of by a sharp, forcible twisting or turning movement


to obtain by coercion or intimidation

to give an inaccurate view of by representing falsely or misleadingly

Words related to wrest

obtain by seizing forcibly or violently, also metaphorically

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When her alarm went off, she awoke to find Wrest in her bedroom.
PARKSTONE are making a determined bid to wrest the Carling CIU Games League Division One title away from champions Bell Green.
Twin little girl psychics seek to wrest control of the future of humanity's destiny, while the hidden secrets of a frozen dinosaur carcass may yet contain clues to make scientists dream.
But depending on one's location, its patterns melt and then recrystallize as Friedemann's heavier or lighter applications of ink wrest texture from the sleek Mylar.
interfaith religious leaders meeting here that they must wrest the language of belief away from those "who concoct weapons out of religions.
While most Chinese mobile phone systems use the European GSM standard, the United States has managed to wrest an agreement from China to allow the U.
Intel led unit sales for the third month in a row, as it continues to attempt to wrest control of the category from long-time market leader Logitech.
Jabbing sperm directly into flesh may have developed to circumvent female devices to control fertilization or wrest some unintended benefit from it, Michiels speculates.
In certain contexts guilds even facilitated change, as Jaume Torras argues in a subtle essay on the rural Catalan cloth industry in the eighteenth century, increasingly in the hands of drapers who used the regulatory powers at their disposal to wrest control over the productive process from local weavers.
Secret agents from Arab lands, Israel, and the United States attempt to wrest control of the source for their own purposes.
Many young black men--who entered the Army, as a way to attain true freedom--helped wrest liberty from Native-American people who had always known it.
When things are tight, the big paper companies reel, at which point they can wrest further concessions from whatever party happens to be sitting in Victoria that election cycle.
JD(S) and BJP were involved in a close race to wrest the main opposition status.
Afghan forces wrest back control of volatile district
Williams called Tony Thompson's attempt to wrest the IBF title from Wladimir Klitschko last weekend "a complete joke".