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Synonyms for wrathfulness

violent or unrestrained anger

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Wrathfulness may be a family trait, since Orual recounts that even Psyche "had our father's hot blood, though her angers were all the sort that come from love" (30; Ch.
The number of factors were established by the scree test of eigenvalues and revealed one primary factor, a Christian God factor, and Wrathfulness (WF), with Wrathfulness being independent thereof.
Jackson was a fascinating mixture of contrasts: eccentricity and excellence, ambition and humility, restlessness and repose, wrathfulness and righteousness.
Her argument is not only the obvious one that God (for all you believers out there) allows so much suffering and injustice, but that human beings emulate the wrathfulness and cruelty that God exhibits in the Bible: "No wonder imams cut hands off sinners / no wonder the Jewish lunatic murders worshipers / in a place of reconciliation.
He admitted that, as worthless as the criticism was, it had stung him, the unmediated wrathfulness of it.
He has a third eye in his forehead, symbolizing omniscience, and his wrathfulness shows his power to destroy ignorance and obstacles (Dorje Shugden Coalition website).