wrap up

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  • verb

Synonyms for wrap up

arrange or fold as a cover or protection

form a cylinder by rolling

clothe, as if for protection from the elements

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Wrap up some of mixture in each lettuce leaf and eat.
XL Catlin launched North America Construction business in 2010, Today, the business unit includes dedicated construction underwriters providing primary casualty, excess casualty, builder s risk, wrap ups, pollution & professional, and subcontractor default insurance coverages, accompanied by risk engineering services to help clients loss prevention, safety efforts and delivering construction claims expertise.
Wrap ups Serves 4 Galtee Big Ten Sizzler sausages 8 streaky bacon, rinded 4 tortillas few dashes Tabasco Original sauce Approx 16 potato wedges, pan fried For the sauce: Tomato ketchup mixed with a good shake of Tabasco Method Heat a non-stick pan and cook the sausages for 7-8 mins, turning frequently until lightly browned.
Each market designation has a particular piece that can be supplied up to four times each day which also includes daily and weekly wrap ups.
Eligible risks: Design/build risks, joint ventures, residential contractors, wrap ups.