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Synonyms for would-be

Synonyms for would-be

unfulfilled or frustrated in realizing an ambition


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KUWAIT -- Justice Mohammad Al-Duaij, the chief of the execution prosecution, said in a statement the death penalty was taken in line with a Koranic verse that stipulates that the death sentence sets an example for deterrence against would-be offenders.
A WOULD-BE Plaid Cymru councillor who posted sick jokes about the murderer Raoul Moat on Facebook and made abusive references to politicians on Twitter has apologised unreservedly and says he will not be standing as a council candidate after all.
PUL-KHUMRI (PAN): A would-be suicide bomber along with three accomplices have been arrested by security forces in Baghlan, an official said on Tuesday, in the first-ever incident of its kind in the northern province.
Security guards have killed would-be suicide bombers who apparently targeted the office of a US-linked aid group in southern Afghanistan.
The South West Norfolk Conservative Association staged a meeting in Swaffham, Norfolk, to discuss the future of the would-be Conservative MP.
trying to tell would-be jokes then waiting for an audience reaction, always interrupting the judges and reminding us of his 80-odd years.
to cancel a scheduled Niigata Prefecture-bound run, affecting some 500 would-be passengers, JR East officials said.
As would-be travellers fork out for this chaos, the Chancellor of the Exchequer must be rubbing his hands with glee at these 'penalty' windfalls.
Binkley to have the audience on all sides of the action -- is the stomping ground for a world of hustlers, generals, revolutionaries, would-be actors, drag queens, beauty queens and penitents.
Clarke writes about the would-be feud between Booker T.
As I noted in my column on multisport racing last year, would-be competitors can look in several places for that first race.
The end result is that a would-be thief (or terrorist) couldn't use an access card found on the sidewalk.
He's new, he's shiny and what the Conservatives do is download on to him whatever policy they like - Rory Bremner on the would-be Tory leader
Mike Nichols' 1983 drama Silkwood is the true story of a radiation-contaminated would-be whistleblower in Oklahoma who strangely disappears before she is able to meet with a New York Times reporter.
Most of the would-be candidates running in the Sept.
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