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value sufficient to repay time or effort spent

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Presented method and tool was prepared for finding the best variant of manufacturing process and estimated start production worthwhileness.
However, with all the camera systems, computerized locks, cavity X-ray chairs, metal detectors, and nonlethal and chemical weapons, there is still that human element that determines the worthwhileness of these technologies.
The outcome of that endeavour was so immense and dazzling that the worthwhileness of any theoretical pursuit began to be measured in purely utilitarian terms, giving rise to all variants of pragmatism, instrumentalism and the crass materialism of our time.
Goldsmith is a charming, original, and very highly recommended story for children that, in addition to being wonderfully entertaining, also carries an implicit and positive message to young readers about the worthwhileness of helping others.
Perhaps the reason some view this activity as problematic and even nauseating is because its questionable worthwhileness is coupled with difficulty.
Damages expert David Ball writes that four basic principles shape juror decision-making about damages: the degree of harm, the worthwhileness of a money award, the jurors' job (for example, to fix, help, and make up for), and the proportion of time plaintiff counsel spends focusing on harm and money.
Note that this is not grounds for consternation, but rather points to the profundity and worthwhileness of the objective.
Since my retirement, I have been freed to indulge more fully my optimism, if I may call it that, regarding the worthwhileness of the seemingly useless.
Emanuel Gamoran, a leading figure in Reform education, wrote in 1952 that Jewish schools must provide students with "[a] sense of pyschological security in [their] Jewishness--a feeling of worthwhileness.
But one proof of the worthwhileness of this enterprise is its riskiness.
400--that God is "the sum of all those factors in relationships in the universe that make for unity, creativity and worthwhileness in human life.
James Lindemann Nelson, for example, argues that if parents of three children chose to end a pregnancy that would have produced a fourth child, such parents would not be making a statement about the worthwhileness of other families with four children, or about the worth of fourth-born children as human beings.
From many years of struggle, I also know the worthwhileness of persevering, and that, suddenly, one glimpses light.
According to Kurtz (1979), this message serves both to "protect against grandiosity and to affirm the sense of individual worthwhileness so especially important to the drinking alcoholic mired in self-hatred over his failure to achieve absolute control over his drinking" (p.