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sufficiently valuable to justify the investment of time or interest

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The French and the Russians did, at one time, work together in an attempt to make the Ariane 5 reusable, but the hardware that would be needed to support the return of the vehicle became too large to make the effort worthwhile.
For feeling life is worthwhile, again Mid and East Antrim gave the highest rating at 8.
It is a worthwhile movie, but not for any of the reasons that were shouted back and forth on social media and TV this week.
I met my girlfriend in the States and managed to persuade her to come back to Britain with me, so it was definitely a worthwhile trip," said Rhonddaborn Jones, who now lives in London.
But she said: "I really hope that the people of North Wales will come along and have a fantastic evening of entertainment and support this worthwhile cause.
Now the trustees want to move forward and create a worthwhile memorial - a thorough, independent study of the history and archaeology, alongside performances of Welsh drama, poetry and music and exhibitions of arts and crafts.
UK's Office for National Statistics found that the higher people's level of general education the more satisfied they were with their daily life and the more worthwhile they felt, the Telegraph reported.
I WANT to let you know about a very worthwhile project in Kirkby that is looking for public support to secure Jubilee People's Millions Funding.
This is part of a national plan by chair manufacturer Joynson Holland to donate 100 chairs to worthwhile causes.
He added: "Please make my suffering worthwhile by helping alleviate the suffering of the 70,000 children who's calls to Childline go unanswered every month and give generously to this worthwhile cause.
Mandy Montanez Judge Nigel Lythgoe said: "Mandy you said all the hard work would be worthwhile if you get to the grand final.
Recently, the concept of the smallest effect that makes an intervention worthwhile involving the opinions of recipients of care on the magnitude of an intervention effect that justifies its costs, risks, and inconvenience has been advocated (Barrett 2005, Barrett 2007, Ferreira 2009).
Doing this job makes you a worthwhile member of the community.
3 : not interesting or worthwhile <a stupid plot>
He said the pounds 97,000 bill represents 10p for every citizen of Birmingham, which is worthwhile when considering the economic spin offs that foreign partners can bring.