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Synonyms for worthlessness

the quality of being without practical use

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He said that we should be glad to have strong men with us, else would we perish of our own worthlessness and the Meat-Eaters.
Then, last of all, that pale clear-cut face, that sweet clear voice, with its high thrilling talk of the deathlessness of glory, of the worthlessness of life, of the pain of ignoble joys, and of the joy which lies in all pains which lead to a noble end.
I had seen Scotty weep about his own worthlessness and the sad case of his Edinburgh mother who was a lady.
He was on his feet, flinging his arms, his rhetoric, and his control to the winds, alternately abusing Ernest for his youth and demagoguery, and savagely attacking the working class, elaborating its inefficiency and worthlessness.
I had taken the exact measure of the fellow's utter worthlessness long before.
It is quite edifying to hear women speculate upon the worthlessness and the duration of beauty.
I had even reverted to the idea of sleep-walking, and the idea of intoxication; and, again, the worthlessness of the one theory and the other had been proved--on the authority, this time, of the witness who had seen me.
They who believe their merit neglected and unappreciated, make up one class; they who receive adulation and flattery, knowing their own worthlessness, compose the other.
The loss of a perfect stranger, whose worth, or worthlessness, I cannot estimate--nor you either--is beside the question.
Episodes of depression often involve overwhelming feelings of worthlessness, sometimes leading to thoughts of suicide.
He is prepared to talk publicly about his shame, his sense of worthlessness and regret.
LAHORE -- The release of all alleged miscreants arrested during a fake-crack down in the provincial capital has authenticated a report from The Frontier Post regarding fakeness and worthlessness of large scale exercise undertaken by the law enforcing agencies here on Saturday.
The Government is using this to attempt to meet carbon free targets and is doling out subsidies to this end while ignoring the proven worthlessness of these wind machines.
As unemployed Simeon Duff (a versatile Mike Hugo) contemplates his own feelings of worthlessness and dependency on his wife''s wages, the vultures begin to circle, attempting to convince him that suicide would be a way of flagging up society''s ills.
It also confirmed that girls who-according to their caregivers-were shy, withdrawn, had impulsive tendencies or expressed feelings of worthlessness were more prone to sexual assault.