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Synonyms for worthless

Synonyms for worthless

having no useful purpose

Synonyms for worthless

lacking in usefulness or value

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morally reprehensible

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The Honours system is worthless - political backscratchers, crawlers and vacuous party mouthpieces tend to do well, where are the working class?
Use it immediately to protect against it becoming worthless if the retailer goes out of business.
The firm said that it would refund USD39m for selling the worthless add-on insurance.
The solution to the region's problems, many of which are down to Saudi Arabia's sterile policy, is not to publish such worthless statements but to stop following the policies of the Zionist regime (Israel) which seeks to stoke divisions," the ISNA news agency quoted foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Ghassemi as saying.
This is one of the main reasons I warn against gift cards - they can be worthless should the retailer go bust (the other big worry, is they expire - often the expiry date isn't on them).
It is not uncommon for high-income individual taxpayers to hold uncollectible or worthless business debts.
Reader Stewart Carey was caught in a carbon credit investment scam a few years ago, and now he's been contacted by firms saying that, far from being worthless, they'll find buyers for the credits.
I will not at each time respond to what you are saying because what you are saying is worthless.
EMP, lack of available conventional gasoline, worthless money, etc.
It looks like worthless excuses for human beings like you need to be destroyed before you destroy us.
Since gaining the franchise at 18, I quickly learnt that my vote in the "first-past-the-post" Westminster elections was completely worthless and that it was only slightly less worthless in the Assembly elections (thanks to the limited PR element).
A SALESMAN has been jailed for his part in a PS60m share scam in which he tricked clients into buying worthless shares over the telephone - with hardselling techniques similar to The Wolf of Wall Street.
It followed a weekend of verbal sparring, prompted by a tweet from Lucas critical of what some interpreted as a homophobic lyric in one of Arthur's songs aimed at MC Worthless.
The 25-year-old winner of X Factor 2012 sparked fury over the homophobic online rap about Mickey Worthless.
2009), taxpayers and the IRS frequently disagree on when the stock of a corporation becomes worthless.