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If symptomatic EAH persists or worsens, current treatment guidelines for acute symptomatic hyponatremia should be followed.
Dancers should see their doctors if their injury worsens or if they want to take the medications beyond that time.
In addition, using stimulant medications to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or ADHD-like symptoms in a child with bipolar disorder may worsen manic symptoms.
Planners pointed out that the development was on the River Avon flood plain and would reduce the amount of water the flood plain could hold and worsen flooding in other places.
Personal therapy operates on the theory that stress-related emotions worsen symptoms of schizophrenia, such as delusions, hallucinations, social withdrawal, and apathy (SN: 10/25/97, p.
Severe depression, low self-esteem and pervasive anxiety over possible future failures are understandably frequent and not surprisingly, such "low moods" may secondarily worsen the degree of sleepiness, sometimes despite treatment that otherwise would have been successful.
Majority (59%) believe economy will worsen; yet only 15% feel their company will worsen
A HOMES crisis is set to worsen with planning approvals falling to a two-year low.
While many women with chronic fatigue syndrome fear that pregnancy will worsen their condition, symptoms improved or remained unchanged during pregnancy in 71% of women answering a questionnaire.
Predictions for the future say that conditions in 86 estuaries are expected to worsen by 2020 if coastal population growth and development are not managed properly.
Repeated drug "holidays" lasting several months at a time do not prevent -- and may indeed worsen -- tardive dyskinesia, Jeste and his colleagues contend in the March Archives of General Psychiatry.
A recent Veterans Affairs study sheds light on patients whose psychiatric symptoms actually worsen during substance abuse treatment, with the aim of providing insight into which patients are at risk.
The 'very weak' performance of manufacturing will worsen the downward pressures on the economy.
The index measures how strongly singles believe conditions in the economy's five main aspects likely to affect them will improve or worsen over the subsequent six months.
The international panel of 226 researchers confirmed that record ozone depletions have occurred in recent years and should worsen in the next few years as concentrations of chlorine and bromine pollution peak in the stratosphere.