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Synonyms for worrying

Synonyms for worrying

the act of harassing someone

the act of moving something by repeated tugs or pushes

Related Words

causing distress or worry or anxiety

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However, worryingly, the numbers of perinatal deaths linked to rising obesity is high.
Worryingly, the Ford Transit van is number two in the UK's top 10 cloned vehicles.
Worryingly his site says I promised something if he continued the blog to November.
Worryingly, his experience has now established that "a Catholic who says that perhaps it is possible that homosexuality is a sin can be discriminated against" in the Europe of today.
I've heard Holyfield on days when his speech seems worryingly slurred.
Echoing this, his pictorial world is one of negotiable values, and of one key value in particular, beauty--where it turns up, why we conventionally think one thing delectable and another not, what the political ramifications and exclusions of that consensual process are, and how "Take, for example, Zeitungsstapel (Stack of newspapers), 1999, an asymmetric image of paper dumped for recycling, and its next-door neighbor, Conquistador II, 2000, a worryingly luscious view of the evening sky strafed by purple and crimson gusts of what Tillmans, in the title of a similar picture, calls "fucked-up chemicals.
More worryingly, though, we have seen the withering impact upon Safeway base sales such that, in many instances, they barely exist.
And worryingly, most IT managers today are largely oblivious to IM use within their businesses as the majority of employees are using an unsecure public IM client such as AOL, MSN or Yahoo
Worryingly, this is eating ever more into households budgets, with prices rising by 3% or more than PS100 compared with a year ago.
Donovan's daughter is doing a school project on her Boston Irish family tree which includes Ray's two troubled brothers, more than one tragic secret, and, most worryingly, and urgently his father, Mickey (Voight, inset).
Figures which were released recently through Public Health England (PHE) showed that there were 6,390 people living with HIV in the West Midlands in 2011 and, worryingly, a quarter of these were undiagnosed.
Worryingly, what was once a taboo crime for men, hitting a woman, is now a taboo subject.
Kate Hodgson said: "Young people with recent experiences of homelessness appear to be particularly vulnerable to psychiatric disorder and the numbers of young people with more than one disorder are worryingly high.
A statement issued on their behalf said: "These comments are worryingly out of touch.
Giant flash-bombs went off just feet from my grinning face, throwing my mullet back like a WWI pilot's scarf and leaving my teeth hot and worryingly soft to the touch.