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Synonyms for worried

Synonyms for worried

afflicted with or marked by anxious uneasiness or trouble or grief

mentally upset over possible misfortune or danger etc


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How worried are you about your children's safety when they use the Internet?
One in 10 said their "tween" was worried about terrorism and wars.
And they certainly are worried, about the economy and prices in equal measure.
FOUR out of 10 people admit they are worried about the amount of debt they have racked up.
The poll showed that the Welsh are the most concerned with 20% finding that worrying is stopping them from getting a good night's sleep, while those in their 40s are the most worried age group with 18% finding their concerns are keeping them awake, whereas those in their 60s are the least concerned, at six per cent.
Joyce Relf, a 51-year-old amusement arcade assistant from Thorntree: "I'm not worried.
More than half of people in Newcastle are more worried about their finances now than they were a year ago.
Happiness guru Robert Holden says: "We often feel that we don't deserve to be happy without being miserable, or worried first.
The proportion of people who are worried about making ends meet rose to 39% in July, up from 24% at the end of last year, says advertising agency Euro RSCG London.
The proportion of people who are worried about making ends meet increased to 39 per cent in July, up from just 24 per cent at the end of last year, according to advertising agency Euro RSCG London.
So, the next time you are worried, heed His advice and, "let go and let God.
I worried as often as I breathed," admits Minter, CEO of SAVVY Special Events Marketing Group.
Since most worries never come true, worries often are forced to admit, 'I can't recall what I was worried about.
Despite the late tide of very cautious optimism, my cynicism had me worried that at the last moment the American people would again fall sheep-like for some Rovian strategery.
In general, older adults are relatively less worried than younger adults (Babcock et al.