worm gear

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gear consisting of a shaft with screw thread (the worm) that meshes with a toothed wheel (the worm wheel)

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The Global Worm Gear Industry Report 2015 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the worm gear industry.
Instead of figuring out a quick way to put the gun together and possibly damaging parts, follow the installation procedures and install the worm gear piece by piece like it says in IETM 0126 for the LONGBOW APACHE.
Made from stainless steel and featuring one quarter inch hex head, plated carbon steel screws, Alliance Express' new mini worm gear hose clamps are designed for use on small hose applications.
One of the variants of the gear that meets the requirements mentioned before is a worm gear offering autonomous mechanism for the rotation of the gear combined with a precise connection with a rotation device that is rigid along the tangent direction of the spindle and slender in other directions.
The power chain which assure the traction (figure 2), contains the worm 6, the worm gear 5, the final transmission with the wheels 4 si 2 and 4' si 2'.
The MCLLEG is comprised of an easy to turn manual worm gear winch and a long lifting strap with a hook on a stabilizing leg that attaches to a dolly.
The worm screw consists of a less brittle V-grade form of carbide, while the worm gear is ion nitrided to a depth of 0.
Independent table-top extruder is a compact, self-contained system with a 1-hp motor and worm gear reducer.
The former places the power unit on the steering column just behind the instrument panel where the assist is transmitted through a worm gear to the column, while the latter places it to the side and drives the column through a ball nut mechanism via a rubber belt.
Translating contact is made between the bronze worm gear and the turning worm shaft.
2D and 3D models of Nook products -- including PowerTrax Linear Bearings, Pillow Blocks and Slide Systems, PowerAc Acme Screw Assemblies, PowerTrac Ball Screw Assemblies, End Machining & EZZE-MOUNT End Bearing Supports, ActionJac Worm Gear Screw Jacks, ActionJac Electric Cylinders, MiniLift Linear Actuators - in all major CAD formats, including AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CATIA and Pro/E, are available for download at http://www.
The wheels are mounted to a full CNC B-axis wheelhead with a design that incorporates a worm gear, thereby eliminating the need to lift it to pivot the wheels.
The motors are offered in direct drive (shown), parallel shaft with an integral gear reducer, or right angle output through a worm gear reducer.