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Synonyms for worm

to move or proceed with short irregular motions up and down or from side to side

to move along in a crouching or prone position

to introduce gradually and slyly

to make, achieve, or get through contrivance or guile

Synonyms for worm

any of numerous relatively small elongated soft-bodied animals especially of the phyla Annelida and Chaetognatha and Nematoda and Nemertea and Platyhelminthes

a person who has a nasty or unethical character undeserving of respect

a software program capable of reproducing itself that can spread from one computer to the next over a network

Related Words

screw thread on a gear with the teeth of a worm wheel or rack

Related Words

to move in a twisting or contorted motion, (especially when struggling)

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The worms have damaged 36 hectares of onion farms in six villages of Alcala and Bayambang towns, according to Nestor Batalla, assistant provincial agriculturist.
The cylindrical worm gearing has at the basis of it geometric and dimensional construction and at the base of it generation a theoretic worm named reference worm (figure 1).
No, you're not going to eat what worms eat, but you can eat like a worm.
Once a Guinea worm pokes out of the skin, it must be pulled out a few centimeters a day--a process that can take weeks to complete since the worm is so lengthy.
Now, scientists have tested these worms in the lab to find out exactly how hot the worms like it to be.
The researchers recorded more than 20 worm escapes from trout, 6 from perch, and 6 from frogs.
To enable the WORM capability on standard Super DLT II tape cartridges, DLTIce places an electronic key on the tape that prevents data already written on a tape from being rewritten, reformatted or erased.
The worm also directed infected machines to bombard Microsoft's site for updating Windows, to prevent users from downloading needed patches.
A good worm composting system can handle just about any kitchen scraps, Appelhof says, although meat and dairy products can cause odors or attract flies if not covered correctly.
With the help of a grown up, you can build a fancy worm house with three pieces of wood and two pieces of glass.
A worm is a self-contained program that replicates itself and sends copies to any connected computer, with little or no user interaction.
The glaciers of the last Ice Age drove our native worm species south, if they survived at all; the immigrant species arrived later on in the root balls of exotic plants and trees imported from abroad.
Data on WORM disks cannot be erased, making them ideal for a variety of applications requiring audit trails, such as in CAD/CAM (computer-aided design--computer-aided manufacturing), program development and financial and business applications.
Characteristics: The worm arrives via email using the following subject headers: "Killer at 11, he's free at 21 and kills again