worldly possession

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a commodity or good associated with the earthly, rather than the spiritual, existence of human beings

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We are currently having an extension built at home and all our worldly possession are crammed into one tiny living room.
The Moscow Conservatory graduate exchanged a long list of musical accomplishments and somewhat involuntarily traded in all his worldly possessions - including his violin - for a ticket to freedom.
Depressed and having lost all confidence in her hex abilities, she decides to sell all her other worldly possessions and hop the next boat back to Haiti.
In 1994, the group, its book said, ``sold all our worldly possessions except for a few cars and changes of clothing, and set out cross-country holding free public meetings'' in various cities.
Only the chosen few will go through a career in soccer management without one day being told to stick thy worldly possessions (and thy reputation) in a black bin sack and head for the exit.
The 30-year-old single mother will mark the holidays this year with almost no worldly possessions, no job and no home of her own, but she considers her life vastly improved over six months ago.
Hostage takers know any family will be willing to sell all their worldly possessions if it secures the life of a loved one.
As the trail grew more treacherous and rations dwindled, the emigrants began tossing off all worldly possessions.
He said, 'You'll never believe what's happened' and then told me that the van with all our worldly possessions in it had been taken.
The film opens with Bilbo's 111th birthday party at which he hands all his worldly possessions to his nephew Frodo.
In 1923, he went to Hollywood with all his worldly possessions - a jacket, a pair of trousers, a shirt, two sets of underwear and drawing materials.
After all the flooding, thousands of people have been left homeless with all their worldly possessions lost.
Staff in the prison's reception area were shocked to discover the man's only worldly possessions were three cigarettes and that he hadn't a penny to his name.
Clare said they've shed most of their worldly possessions and are ploughing every bit of money they have into the trip.
1, 1970, when Marcos announced that he was donating all of his worldly possessions to fund education, technology, science and the arts through the Marcos Foundation.