worldly belongings

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all the property that someone possess

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AIRPORTS are all about versions - softcover versions of hardback books laid out on tables in WHSmiths, tempting rows of miniature beauty products in Boots, compact versions of all your worldly belongings packed neatly in your suitcase.
According to belief, Haji Ali Shah Bukhari was a wealthy Muslim merchant who renounced all his worldly belongings before embarking on a pilgrimage to Mecca.
Emily: Out Of My Mother's Darkness" is the compelling story of one girl coping with just such a tragic loss by going through her mother's worldly belongings.
Emily: Out of My Mother's Darkness" is the tale of one girl coping with this loss by going through her mother's worldly belongings.
And I thought, how amazing to trust us, strangers met only once, to allow us access to a home with all their worldly belongings, and know that we would keep them safe.
A number of workers lost all their worldly belongings including passports, money clothes and other important documents.
SANTA CLARITA - Between rows of immaculate homes and shopping centers, a solitary homeless woman collected her worldly belongings - just a tent full of clothes and blankets - and stuffed them into a metal cart.
We take injured service members from around the world and try to make them forget about the fact that their house and other worldly belongings are far away.
In April, he sold all of his worldly belongings, including the clothes off his back, and bet it on a single round at a Las Vegas roulette table.
Vans arrived at Jordan's house last week and removal men loaded all her worldly belongings, including the raunchy picture and a huge teddy bear.
Lugging their few worldly belongings with them, he on his back, she on her head, they settle on a little patch of sand and rock amidst some mud flats outside town to enact, for no doubt the umpteenth time, a peculiar can't-live-with-or-without 'em ritual of love, hate, taunting, abuse, violence and symbiotic button-pushing.
candy-striped sandshoes leopard-skin raincoat three plastic bags contain her worldly belongings one of them with Union Jack on it - what has that ever done for her?
The stories from Kosovo are heartbreakers: of mothers with their starving, crying children; of old women sitting waiting on the wet earth, not knowing what they're waiting for, maybe death; of an old man by his wagon, in despair, his worldly belongings reduced to a blanket and a box.
He leveraged himself into company ownership with modest savings and a mortgage on his entire worldly belongings.
Alasdair is forced to reveal the truth about his living situation after his worldly belongings are sold.