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Synonyms for worldling

a person absorbed by the concerns and interests and pleasures of the present world

an inhabitant of the earth

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Whether one is a worldling, arya, or bodhisattva doesn't seem to make a difference here.
Goe then, you godlesse Heliogabolites, You carnall Worldlings, proud Cosmopolites, Goe please your selues in swearing, feasting, fighting, And not what's lust, but what's your Lust delight in.
I had always plumed myself on indifference to worldly considerations; but here was a young couple who made me seem small, made me seem to myself a cautious, nay, a timid worldling.
However, not only the arya, but also the worldling often satisfies deflated-FW without satisfying nirvana-F, and surely the Buddha actually "taught" nirvana-F and its absence.
And out he walked when the wind like a broken worldling wailed,
Ha ha ha, a worldling ryght, the poets song Was well applied in this, For like the antes they eate the gaine of mens wealth, But flye them lyke the fiends when they are falne, These Cicero and Aristotle tearm'd a troope of seruile Base dishonest men, Stay here, here cometh more, stand by awhile.
55) The worldling may alter behavior under similar circumstances, so virtually hard determined behavior can remain soft determined if it involves certain unexercised abilities.
No cynic, and no mere worldling, was ever wholly in sympathy with Farrar's work; and the clever modern public-school boy is but too often an amateur of cynicism .
Santideva goes on to suggest that although worldling behavior resembles bile, the Buddhist aspirant ought nonetheless to adopt the stance of effective agency for soteriological purposes.
that actions which bring damnation to the worldling may be inculpable in the children of light.
Only by throwing off Lady Kew's influence does Ethel Newcome avoid becoming yet another spoilt worldling.
That is, because the typical worldling is so mentally bound, it may be said that he is virtually unfree, and thus that the causation of his behavior ostensibly resembles that of the hard determined (unless and until he begins to cultivate some volitional regulation and some mental freedom).
They admire people who are heartier than themselves, although these are often rogues, and delight in the company of such joyous extraverts as Harry Foker, who paints his tutor's door vermilion (nothing less will satisfy Foker) or Dick Blewett, the sort of lusty worldling whom Thackeray probably envied, as he stands at his door in a pea-green dressing-gown and roars out a hunting chorus whilst smoking his after-breakfast cigar (Pendennis, ch.
However], it is certainly possible for an ordinary worldling to intentionally kill his father or mother, kill an arahant, cause a schism in the community or, out of an evil mental disposition towards the Buddha, cause the Tathagata's blood to flow.
Some weary worldlings, no doubt, will prefer to remain outside sipping latte.