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tired of the world


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Not by wearing a flag or facepaint, but by wearing your most world-weary, bleak expression, while you eagerly await another cleansing wave of disappointment.
Meanwhile, a world-weary sheriff (Tommy Lee Jones) has the unenviable job of trying to work out what's behind the escalating chain of violence.
Ozzy, who has been making music since the 1960s, has no retirement plans because as he feels no work will make him world-weary.
Meditative" luxury, the world-weary wealthy's labored effort to demonstrate they understand that only inner fulfillment really matters.
Grant was promoted from director of football to fill the hotseat but, displaying the world-weary demeanour of a man who expected every game to be his last, he was out after less than a season.
Obviously that's not true because it's impossible and also because he's like twenty-two, but the point is that his music achieves a thrown together consistency anchored by his world-weary vocals and willingness to name check Hank Williams and sound sorta like Kurt Cobain's most anguished moments all at the same time.
Mark Carey is excellent as the dour and tenacious inspector who can barely contain his rage at the selfish excesses of the family and Andy Crabb also stands out as the young, yet world-weary Eric Birling, the family's drunken layabout son.
A visit to the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island will inspire even the most world-weary traveler.
Actress Kellgren perfectly captures the angst of this world-weary girl as well as the characters around her.
Moving effortlessly from guitar-fueled scorchers ("Scream") to string-filled torch songs ("Don't Let Me Drag You Down"), Bettens sings like a woman who's moved beyond world-weary to find the wonder and joy of everyday life.
It is as though the practice and its muse have become the exception to their own analysis; in the process, Koolhaas has become the frustrated romantic hero of architecture, incapable of designing down to the world-weary scepticism that plays so well to his lecture audience.
To enhance the characterization the author frequently has Micky reflect her world-weary attitude through a sardonic or self-deprecating comment.
For the rest of us world-weary seekers the Samaritan woman keeps coming around every few Lents, telling us what she knows.
Now you've definitely gone mad," was the general consensus, delivered in world-weary tones.