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a competitor who holds a preeminent position

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the UK' needs to earn a living through world-beating fields such as the aerospace industry, says Vince Cable The UK needs to earn a living through world-beating fields such as the aerospace industry, says Vince Cable
From the cheap and cheerful balti, where you can eat your fill for a tenner, to gourmet feasts and world-beating cuisine, Birmingham is a city that holds its own when it comes to eating out.
As the world emerges from recession, Wales needs people with the vision and commitment to transform innovation into world-beating products - and they have shown the way.
The Oslo site runs conversations with some local academics and architects, some discussions of the issues the city faces, a timeline, plus profiles of 18 local practices and their work, which is interesting rather than world-beating.
9 and gone back to a dead stop in a world-beating 10.
Mainstream and astute Chilean salmoneros have built salmon into a world-beating powerhouse very quickly; ignore the consumers, and you can kiss it goodbye.
PORSCHE'S devastating 911 is to get a mid-life makeover to make sure it keeps its world-beating looks.
The Lakers weren't at their world-beating best Friday, but against the 23-32 Celtics, they clearly didn't need to be.
It may take up to 10 years to achieve world-beating cancer services but to get there we need to see massive improvement take shape over the next two years.
The company's processor, the PC20x, delivers world-beating price / performance and has achieved design wins with numerous major companies developing wireless infrastructure.
Cathay Pacific Airways' efforts to provide world-beating inflight products coupled with superior service were acknowledged when the airline took the "Best Airline Business Class" honour at the 2013 Business Traveller China Awards.
Outlining his plan, the Prime Minister told the CBI conference in London: "We have great industrial strengths across our country, underpinned by world-beating companies [including] green technologies in the North East.
WOMEN in Birmingham are world-beating spendaholics when it comes to shopping, according to new research.
But it has bounced back after a lot of hard work - and thanks to a world-beating product.
THE UK is the base for a world-beating automotive components industry and it has the potential to become even more successful, according to the car makers themselves.