world without end

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WORLD WITHOUT END is out to own on Blu-ray and DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.
Our children deserve a world without end, not a war without end.
Glory be to the Father, and to the Son: and to the Holy Ghost; As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be: world without end.
As it was in the vagina, yes, now, as it was in the testicle and the prostate, as it was in the sperm and the ova, and as it ever shall be, world without end till we end.
Gaudebo - word breathed out in a dream In the lovely Latin which survives Although lost to all of our schools Let us rejoice at the Lord's altar Intone Racine or an old catechism Gaudebo for that child in wooden clogs Coming across the plain where the wind sweeps The truant snow whose only alphabet Is the planet's bruises and wounds Gaudebo for on the garden path In the world without end of June He received the sacrament of dawn: For the sole orbit of his eyes, the night Gathered up stars, frozen but Beating hearts, and, embracing the seasons The river spoke in vowels rubbed raw Against the raucous ivory of the rocks How much time had to pass for that scorched Throat blocked with stones to break loose
The network is also home to ambitious television events, miniseries and series featuring big stories and big stars as seen with the Emmy[R]-winning The Kennedys, Ken Follett's World Without End and the upcoming premiere of the miniseries Barabbas.
Emmy & Gemini Award-winning and Golden Globe-nominated The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End are just two examples of Tandem's award-winning and critically acclaimed productions.
World Without End (C4, 9pm) It's the penultimate episode, but don't expect the pace to slow down.
WORLD WITHOUT END Channel 4, 9pm Executions, medical abuse and a topdrawer cast to boot; there are plenty of reasons to stay in of a Saturday night if you stick with Channel 4.
TODAY World Without End (Channel 4, 9pm) The construction of the new bridge continues to gather pace under Merthin's watchful eye, but Godwyn is furious when Mother Cecilia turns down his own ambitious construction plan, which involves the creation of a palace on the convent estate.
World Without End (Channel 4, Tonight, 9pm)) What''s It All About?
WORLD WITHOUT END C4 9pm The epic historical saga doesn't pause for breath as the second episode sees Caris (right) turn into a warrior queen.
While his wife is once more at the centre of the political arena, Ken is also in the spotlight with his new mammoth 1,111-page medieval novel, World Without End, the sequel to his massively popular epic The Pillars Of The Earth, centred on the building of a cathedral, which was voted into the top 100 of Britain's best-loved books in the BBC's The Big Read.
For better or worse, till the end of time, world without end.
World Without End by Chris Mooney (Simon & Schuster, pounds 10)
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