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someone who travels widely and often

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About: Dale Guerrieri is a poet and world traveler with plenty of experience and advice for future travelers.
The Gemalto EMV based World Traveler card contains a microprocessor which provides global acceptance and a more secure payment technology in the same convenient form factor as other payment cards.
The TomTom XXL 540S World Traveler Edition, in particular, appeals to globetrotters who appreciate a wide screen, a sleek design and the assurance that their routes are always the most efficient regardless of their destination," said Jocelyn Vigreux, president of TomTom Inc.
The World Traveler Intern will highlight their adventures through blogs, photos and videos along the course of the trip.
It's a point Hovore has pondered since 1971, when as a budding young scientist the world traveler found two new beetle species in his back yard, the San Gabriel Mountains.
Without a doubt, it's the finest hotel in the world,'' crowed World Traveler Magazine in its October 1923 edition.
Leslie Pravettone doesn't speak Polish but she is a seasoned world traveler who knows how to live modestly, has a zest for adventure and a desire to do good.
What you want to do may be mountain climbing or writing a children's book or becoming a world traveler.
Master photographer and world traveler Hunter Weeks enjoys capturing elements of humanity that are often off the beaten path in remote locations.
Created, produced, and hosted by Serena Yang, veteran world traveler and former CNN international correspondent, EYE OF THE BEHOLDER provides a witty and provocative study of the expression and understanding of attractiveness around the world and presents an empowering celebration of beauty in all its forms.
But he was no less a lecturer and teacher, and he was famed as a photographer, filmmaker and world traveler.
Combined with a universal power supply and foldable plugs, the PL9540-WAP offers a convenient network solution for the world traveler.
Born in New York City, a world traveler and a long time resident of Mississippi.
founder of Niagara Model & Train Distributors and of Niagara Hobby & Craft Mart, philanthropist, and world traveler, died on 1 August 2003, after a brief illness upon returning from an extended overseas visit.
Los Angeles' placement on the priority list recognizes that now is the time for us, the community and industry to do all we can to ensure safer, more efficient flying for tomorrow's world traveler.
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