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a desktop digital computer that is conventionally considered to be more powerful than a microcomputer

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Visualize an entire car with specular highlighting," says Jeff Wood, HP's director of product marketing, Personal Workstation Business.
All FireGL products come with a three year warranty and unlimited direct access to a dedicated workstation technical support team.
Separate software runs at the workstation or "client," while the base software continues to run on the "server" or multi-user system.
His workstation (see photo 2) allows him to use his workspace and computer equipment as independently as possible.
HP is pleased to be the first workstation manufacturer in the United States to offer Hitachi's Liquid-Cooling System in one of our most high-performance workstations," said Jeff Wood, director of product marketing, HP Workstation Global Business Unit.
4-MHz processor, 128 MB system memory, a 40-GB IDE hard drive, an Nvidia-based 2D graphics controller, and other workstation niceties.
The DataWARE Workstation Combo incorporates the new DVD MULTI-Drive, developed by Panasonic Industrial Co.
Dell was in a similar position, having itself tied its workstation products exclusively to Intel.
The Compaq Evo Workstation W6000's superior price for performance is an ideal solution for DCC, electronic design automation (EDA), mainstream CAD/CAE, and software development.
So, for $17,495, you can buy an SGI Octane2 V6 workstation that has a 360-MHz MIPS 12000A microprocessor, 256 MB of system memory, 32 MB of graphics memory, a 9-GB UltraSCS1 hard drive, a 21-inch color monitor, and the IRIX OS.
Looking forward in 2006 and beyond, the introduction of 64-bit-capable systems and dual core workstations is expected to have a major impact on the overall workstation market dynamics.
HP's unit shipments fell 25 percent from 1998, but still comprised 23 percent of the worldwide workstation market.
The Dell Precision M90 and Dell Precision M65 deliver new levels of performance and features in a mobile platform along with the application certifications and assured reliability that professional workstation users demand.
2005 is shaping up to be a solid year for the workstation and professional graphics market.
Dell continues to dominate the workstation market with a share of about 43%, and HP follows, recently narrowing Dell's lead slightly.
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