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a sheet of paper with multiple columns

a piece of paper recording work planned or done on a project

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Returning back to the worksheet example, the solution is to replace the hard-coded lookup table argument with an INDIRECT function.
For example, on the third-grade worksheet we placed the item "How many toes do 9 children have altogether?
Reading is captivating when done in the context of children's literature; it is dull when set forth on a photocopied worksheet.
Both make use of the word "games" in the titles and that is a bit misleading, because the book is reproducible worksheets for grades K-6.
The Info Worksheet was used by the student developers but was not intended to be visible to the end-users.
After copying the function, your worksheet appears as shown in Exhibit 4.
This is the same transaction that the CPA reports to be in conformity with GAAP using the worksheet.
With a simple, basic electronic worksheet in place, automation capabilities can be added to increase consistency and quality when executing basic day-to-day data management functions.
Each worksheet had a minimum of three written teacher comments, with most worksheets containing more.
So, we enter all of that information into our Microsoft Excel worksheet, which will now look like Figure 4.
The Results worksheet provides the regression estimates for the summary ROC analysis.
95), which explores the basics of formatting a worksheet, creating and working with charts and managing worksheets, and making lists, and Powerpoint 2003 Personal Trainer (0596008-554, $29.
The downloads from "Digital Guerrilla Marketing" include: Seven Sentence Guerrilla Marketing Plan, 143+ Guerrilla Marketing Weapons, information and Action List, Checklist for Implementing New Marketing Weapons, Maximize Ad Effectiveness Checklist, Guerrilla Direct-Mail Letter Worksheet, Guerrilla Direct-Mail Letter Checklist, Guerrilla Event Promotion Planning Worksheet, After-Event Wrap-Up Worksheet, Sales Promotion Worksheet, After Sales Promotion Wrap-Up Worksheet, First Time Sales Tracking Form, Incoming Phone Call Tracking Form, Worksheet for Writing Your Yellow Pages Ad, and Yellow Pages Ad Checklist.
Students are also given individual library assignments including a research strategy worksheet that helps students find, evaluate, and cite a popular and a scholarly article.
During an audit, an agent requests a worksheet that the taxpayer had contemporaneously prepared during the preparation of the tax return, but which the tax accountant handling the audit is now unable to find.