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(chiefly Brit) a council representing employer and employees of a plant or business to discuss working conditions etc

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We have used the exclusive opportunity to talk with Dr Steinmeier about topics like the conversion process for our workforce, the location and the entire region with regard to the future, said Ullrich Zinnert, Chairman of the Works Council at the Mercedes-Benz Rastatt plant.
In the case of VW, works council chief Bernd Osterloh is in the presidium of the carmaker's supervisory council and has the power to veto important management decisions.
In fact, it is so profitable that the additional profits are always sufficient to compensate the works council and to buy their consent if F = 0.
If there is no reasonable solution to the matter, this will be a subject of crucial importance for the works council, Haiderer said.
Volkswagen's German management is accustomed to unions and works councils, which have been ingrained in its operations since the end of World War II.
Direct participation involves the employees themselves, whereas indirect participation takes place through an intermediary of employee representative committee, such as works council.
The estimates show a positive link between the share of women and profitability in establishments without a works council but no significant link in establishments with a works council.
The works council will hardly accept the management's conditions of no-wage-rise demands, Wirtschaftsblatt added.
Provider of microcontroller and touch solutions Atmel Corporation (Nasdaq:ATML) said on Monday that the proposed sale of Atmel's wafer fabrication operation in Rousset, France to LFoundry GmbH, an analogue/mixed-signal silicon foundry, has been approved by employees at the facility and the Rousset Works Council.
CGT union stated that the company's management was planning to meet on January 12 with the head of the European works council, as it plans to call for a meeting of the works council over the future of the Flanders refinery, in Dunkirk, in Northern France.
Siemens' works council and trade union representatives oppose a possible sale of the business.
Where an enterprise has no functioning trade union, the function of employee representation and protection may be transferred to an appropriate sectoral trade union or elect a works council.
Mr Knowles, chairman of the works council, was particularly well respected.
A works council also was formed during World War II at Monsanto Chemicals, a subsidiary of a US company based at Braybrook in Melbourne.
A key finding in both studies is that the role of the behavioural attitudes and styles of the two key players--management team and works council--are dominant in explaining perceived works council effectiveness.