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work consisting of a piece of metal being machined

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where [rho] is the workpiece density, T is temperature, c is the specific heat, k is the thermal conductivity, and q shows the volumetric rate of heat generation due to the plastic deformation.
Adjustment of the clamping force during machining requires the control system to be responsive to the change in workpiece dimensions.
Therefore, expansion and retraction of the workpiece can occur.
The Zeiss measuring system automatically selects the right distance of the camera to the object, focuses the workpiece edges and maximises contrast.
For part-families, flexible solutions consisting of a universal base frame and interchangeable, part-specific inserts allow the adaptation of the workpiece holders to parts of varying size.
On this step the workpiece type is selected from database and parameters of scanning process for chosen workpiece (VS initial position or positioning devices, movement trajectory of VS or workpieces, movement mode and so on) are loaded.
7) developed an intelligent fixturing system to adjust the clamping forces adaptively to achieve minimum deformation of the workpiece according to cutting forces.
The roughness in contact surface between the top surface of the workpiece and plate of testing machine is other considered parameter.
of North Carolina at Charlotte, solves this problem by using computer modeling and simulation techniques to produce user-selectable chip lengths and workpiece finishes.
The probe measures the workpiece using an appropriate measuring cycle from the range offered on the CNC menu.
These systems can also be used in any application in which the length and stiffness of a workpiece makes it difficult to machine without distortion or deflection.
The SPECTRA 820 creates chip breakers in PCD, PCBN, carbide and ceramic tools by passing the workpiece under a highly focused laser beam that is programmed to operate at up to 100,000 pulses per second.
The CYFLEX F900 has a tilted worktable made of flotex, a non-deformable material designed so that the workpiece can be fed along easily without risks of damages, the company says.
Patent 7,183,548 (February 27, 2007), "Apparatus for Modifying and Measuring Diamond and Other Workpiece Surfaces With Nanoscale Precision," Victor B.
It won't bruise the workpiece like metal clamps, and it reaches farther and can even grip angled surfaces with ease.