workmen's compensation

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compensation for death or injury suffered by a worker in the course of his employment

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He also informed the court that many coalmine workers lost their lives as a result of non-implementation of Workmen's Compensation Act, 1923.
The obvious answer is to provide Workmen's Compensation in all racing states, and to their credit authorities in Kentucky have already spoken of taking such a positive move.
To keep costs down, many companies have worked to cut incident rates and therefore lower workmen's compensation costs.
Typically, The Partnership Program begins with a review of a company's demographics, absenteeism, turnover rate, workmen's compensation trends, and time lost because of on-the-job injuries.
Nick Wilson of Pocahontas, long a major voice in workmen's compensation affairs, predicts the commission will choose the compromise proposal.
Ironically, he adds, this man was denied workmen's compensation for health problems because he's been unable to prove heavy contamination.
This book provides a scholarly account of the development of employers' liability for accidents in Britain from the early common law cases of the 1830s to the Workmen's Compensation Act of 1897.
ClearPoint to outsource workmen's compensation program to focus on iLabor and enhance predictability of earnings stream
For many non-profits the costs of insurance and workmen's compensation make it difficult for them to offer deconstruction jobs with a livable wage, much less a prevailing wage.
George Pataki to rectify that problem by combining 240 reform bill with current workmen's compensation legislation that would increase workmens' compensation benefits.
The company said it expects to take a noncash pretax charge of $30 million to increase its workmen's compensation reserves by about 4.
Historians have missed this mirroring of the liability claims that led to workmen's compensation laws, but the significance of state enforcement of a warranty for safe and healthy housing is difficult to overstate.
Start-up capital for a small security services firm can be as little as $10,000; and includes rent, office equipment, liability insurance, workmen's compensation, an operating license and salaries.
During the past five years, workmen's compensation rates have increased 72.