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Eight days later, he and workmate Barry Rhodes were doing a job at a house in Bedworth, and as they left to go on their lunch break they saw another borough council van parked outside flats in Mount Pleasant Road.
A workmate said: "As usual, Davy was on site early.
My workmates have been giving me some stick as well, so hopefully this result will shut them up.
Workmates also told dyslexia-sufferer Helen to forget about a TV career because she won't be able to read the autocue.
Workmate Malc Goddard came up with the idea of a collection in honour of Mr Majeed and managed to collect more than pounds 300 from colleagues at the factory.
Prosecutors said Collins was looked on as a misfit by workmates.
Workmates dug with their bare hands and were able to clear a space for Ken to breathe.
STAFF at a Coventry distribution depot pulled out the stops to raise hundreds of pounds for charity after a workmate fell ill.
A further 18 per cent believe workmates know more about them than their own partner.
Roadworker Brian Godfrey, 30, told the court that he saw the man's body on a grass verge and shouted for his workmates to get their lorry to frighten the bull off.
His workmate David Kettles said the trench had been dug by machine and lined with polythene, with stones to keep it in place.
Darren starting making extra payments at 24 when he discovered that workmates in their fifties were having to put away pounds 80 a WEEK to ensure a worthwhile pension.
Horrified workmates, who spent two hours trying to save him, had to wait two days before Robert's body was brought to the surface.
Workmates said Rab Baird from Airdrie screamed out in agony when the one- and-a-half tonne roller fell on him.
Dennis Elwell, 49, told shocked workmates he had taken poison as he started his shift at a pen nib factory.