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work that a person is expected to do in a specified time

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detailed assessment of the current workload of staff at Chafea
This release of CA Workload Automation iDash adds support for CA Workload Automation CA 7 Edition.
METHOD In order to begin an examination of faculty workload in nursing, existing workloads must be known.
Excessively increasing the workload may lead to suboptimal care and less direct patient care time, which may paradoxically increase, rather than decrease, costs," the authors wrote.
A RICS survey of the industry shows that a quarter more chartered surveyors are reporting a fall rather than a rise in total workloads.
When you activate any of these processors, some percentage of that type of workload can be redirected off of the main CP onto the specialty processor--but not 100% of the workload.
The suite combines four separate products: Workload Migration, Workload Backup, Workload Availability and Workload Flexibility.
Our new Workload Optimisation suite exemplifies Double-Take Software's focus on providing highly functional, non-intrusive software to an overloaded IT department looking to reduce costs," said Dean Goodermote, CEO at Double-Take Software.
Mission Mexico has already seen a significant increase in its passport workload as U.
Private commercial workload growth has slowed rapidly as the downturn in commercial property prices and the looming oversupply in the pipeline forces developers to shelve plans for future construction.
Workload is not a discussion of how courses count in faculty load calculations, but the number of hours needed each day to teach online.
Managers had begun a process of reviewing the impact of workloads with the objective of establishing what changes in staffing might be required to ensure staff workloads were manageable and organisational effectiveness maintained.
Third, much like the compute grid, the storage grid acts like a single resource, intelligently sharing the workload to ensure that no single part of the storage grid is overloaded.
In another step aimed at concentrating on its core mission responsibilities, the Military Traffic Management Command has modified its Yokohama container freight station workload.
It is key to make "qualified" appointments to get to know clients better, which in the long run may reduce the workload, he said.