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The number of children in long-term workless households has fallen to its lowest level in a decade, according to new statistics out today (1 November 2017).
London has seen the greatest decrease in the percentage of children in long-term workless households, falling 12.
London has seen the biggest decrease, where the number of children in a workless household has almost halved (down 46%) since 2010.
The new statistics also show that the proportion of children in Scotland living in workless households has decreased by half a point to 11.
The ONS defines a workless household as one which contains at least one person aged between 16-64 - but does not have anyone registered as working.
Liberal Democrat MP Lorely Burt (Solihull) welcomed the fall in the proportion of workless households.
In a sense, our fai lure was unsurprising as national statistics show that less than one per cent of families who are currently workless contain two generations who have never worked.
THE Government accuse the indigent workless of luxuriating at home while others work - have they forgotten that they've introduced the Work Programme, where they earn the pittance of PS71 per week?
8 million children lived in these workless households, as did five million people aged 16 to 64.
The statistics, which cover April to June this year, show that 37 percent of single parent households are workless, compared to only 4.
A UK-wide study by the Prince's Trust has concluded that young people from workless families are more likely to join their parents on the dole.
The Office for National Statistics also reported that the number of working-age people living in workless households jumped by 500,000 to 4.
Figures released yesterday revealed that nearly one in six children is growing up in a workless household.
European Union (EU) indicators of poverty and social exclusion employ only two child breakdowns: the proportion of children living in households with incomes below 60 per cent of the national median using the modified OECD equivalence scale and the proportion of children living in workless households.
In talks with Bill Clinton last week both leaders agreed their top priority should be a new approach to end the workless class.