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records kept of activities involved in carrying out a project

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a legal document giving information required for employment of certain people in certain countries

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Individual copies of the NBER Working Papers summarized here (and others) are available free of charge to Corporate Associates and to the affiliates of other organizations, such as universities and colleges, with subscriptions.
Yao, "Mortgage Rates, Household Balance Sheets, and the Real Economy," NBER Working Paper No.
The spread of the Working Papers just trying to facilitate the exchange of ideas and publicize research, first of all, for discussion and comments.
Some of the most notable working papers include the 'advancing the telecommunications sector and integrated infrastructure' to be delivered by the TRA.
The session includes four working papers, as the first one will be by Dr.
The Bulletin is issued for similar informational purposes and to stimulate discussion of Working Papers before their final publication.
Engineer Monir Hajjaj the head of operations and control systems also presented a working paper on water security in cooperation with the head of Ras Abu Jerjoor Plant, Dr.
This and many other UNU-WIDER working papers can be found here.
He said 160 working papers were submitted to the scientific committee of the conference.
Audit regulators from the EU will be able to exchange audit working papers with their Canadian, Japanese and Swiss counterparts following the adoption by the European Commission, on 5 February, of a decision recognising the adequacy of the auditor oversight systems in these three countries, which will enable the mutual transfer of documents.
The objective of this series is to make academic research working papers available to members of Financial Executives International (FEI) on relevant topics of interest to practitioners.
Can changes be made to working papers after the report issuance date?
access to EU audit working papers is in some respects the biggest bone of contention.
Three new Working Papers have been released by Michigan State University's WOMEN AND INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT (WID) PROGRAM and are available in PDF:
Such documents were held to be working papers even though the accountant was not engaging in a "certified public audit.
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