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People who know of Gareth will fully understand that sometimes the working man needs to be remembered for all their work as much as the high and mighty.
As soon as the siren would sound and the shipyard gates opened, out spilled the men who built the ships that made Britain great and our country a leader of the seas," says Millar, recalling the rhythm of the working man, or 'gadgies', in one of his pieces called Evening Song.
He was a born leader and worked tirelessly for the rights of the working man.
But the working man in America owes a big thank-you to Wal-Mart, whose single-minded pursuit of the lowest possible price on every item it sells has been credited with helping control inflation.
No doubt they could perceive that the bishop was primarily interested in the social conditions of the working man and not necessarily in increasing the number of Catholics in the city.
Passenger transport tax added PS200 cost on to a family of four going on their once a year holiday, didn't affect the rich but hammered the working man.
It doesn't back the unions anymore since Thatcher stomped on them, they are still hog tied and Labour does nothing so why should we vote for a party which has discarded the working man, the poor and disabled and the sick - all of whom the Labour party was formed for?
MAN UAL by Lexi Lindley |and, below, Working Man - carpet fitter Simon Ely
It was Gordon Brown who removed the 10% income tax rate which affected the lowest paid and it was Mr Brown who raided the pension fund - again a blow to the working man.
With a former pithead site as his stage, Kenfig Hill-based singer Paul, 39, will later this month launch his updated version of a miners' anthem - entitled Working Man 2009.
Only now that working man is a hairdresser who charges 275 quid a day.
To be living in a state where the governor is committed to, ahem, improving the state of affairs and where the Legislature is so, ahem, in tune with the plight of the working man and woman.
He described the single currency as a huge financial experiment which would hit the working man, not big business.
THE Labour Party long ago lost its connection to the working man.
We were obviously wrongly informed by government statistics first time round when they deemed life expectancy of the average working man to be over 75 thus bumping up the retirement age 60 to 62 (women) and 65-67 (men).