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America's brave military working dogs live, fight and sleep with their human handlers and forge a bond that cannot easily be broken," said Dr.
Stewart Hilliard, the 341st Training Squadron's chief of military working dog evaluation and breeding flight.
Contract Working Dogs are those dogs provided by a contractor which have a contract handler.
In one notable case, a working dog and several human service members were seriously injured when an improvised explosive device caused a building to collapse, trapping the service members and the dog under the rubble.
The largest kennel is the Department of Defense Military Working Dog Center at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.
The father used for the LAPD's first puppy litter is a proven working dog.
The docking must occur before the dog is five days old, and proof that the animal is to be a working dog must be provided to the vet before the operation is carried out.
Among these "personnel" are Military Working Dog (MWD) teams.
Cooper, a legal consultant to the National MS Society, is always patiently educating others that Dot Com is a working dog.
In 1993 - his first year on duty - Dallas won the Thames Valley Police award for the best operational working dog and in 1996 his Chief Constable's commendation for services to people in Bracknell.
Marshall Smith, President of MDS, said, "We are excited about the opportunity to work with the Military Working Dog Services program and the Veterinary Services Systems Management system to help support and enhance their mission of providing a 'Fighting Force Supported by Combat-Ready Military Working Animal Members.
Nothing can compensate fully for the loss of a pet or working dog, especially during the all-important lambing season.
The "R" litter was born in June 2010 at the Department of Defense military working dog breeding program facility, also at Lackland.
Lt Col David Thorpe, CO of the 1st Military Working Dog Regiment, said: "He saved the lives of friends and colleagues on numerous occasions.