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Synonyms for contact


get or be in touch with


Synonyms for contact

a coming together so as to be touching

a situation allowing exchange of ideas or messages

an acquaintance who is in a position to help

to bring into or make contact with


to succeed in communicating with


Synonyms for contact

close interaction

the act of touching physically

the state or condition of touching or of being in immediate proximity

a person who is in a position to give you special assistance


Related Words

a channel for communication between groups

(electronics) a junction where things (as two electrical conductors) touch or are in physical contact

a communicative interaction


a thin curved glass or plastic lens designed to fit over the cornea in order to correct vision or to deliver medication

be in or establish communication with

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So, we propose holding working contact between the authorities of the north and the south in Kaesong on June 9," KCNA said.
Both sides decided to hold the third round of inter-Korean Red Cross working contact on family reunion in Kaesong on October 1.
China Southern Airlines maintained close working contact with Sea Danbred to set the appropriate flight schedule as the swine had to be released from their quarantine station just prior to departure.
During the working contact with Mbomio Nsem Abua and his entourage, the Cuban ambassador, Pedro Doa, will reiterate the unchanging desire of his Government to continue to promote cooperation.
He suggested that the two organizations hold a working contact to facilitate the reunion as early as possible.