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a poorhouse where able-bodied poor are compelled to labor

a county jail that holds prisoners for periods up to 18 months

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As female reformers and Catholic bishops pointed out, the workhouse also clashed with another prized institution of the nineteenth century, the family.
Benedictine monks looked after the poor at the Priory in Sandwell Valley, and the trail also goes to the West Bromwich Union Workhouse site.
Chorlton Union Workhouse at Nell Lane, Withington, was opened in 1855 to cope with the demands of the swiftly increasing population of south Manchester.
Inspector Cole pleaded with Mary to take her children into the workhouse in Whiston but she refused, saying she would rather die on the streets than go there.
By 1877 a new workhouse for 726 was ready on a 15-acre site between New Cemetery Road (now St Barnabas Road) and Ayresome Green Lane.
Livingstone Place in St Asaph A FORMER workhouse and hospital has been transformed into luxury apartments.
WORKING conditions at Sports Direct are more like those of a Victorian workhouse than a reputable High Street retailer, a damning report by MPs claims.
AHISTORIC house which has been on sale for more than a decade finally has a prospective buyer - after locals say others were put off by its past as a workhouse.
Tenders are Invited for Provision of gallery fit out including bespoke display cases for the voices from the workhouse project.
Medicine and the Workhouse, edited by Jonathan Reinarz and Leonard Schwarz.
The Workhouse, The Clink and The Asylum are justITV hacking a few branches from the Who Do You Think You Are?
SECRETS FROM THE WORKHOUSE (9pm ITV1) THINK of this two-part series as a consolation prize for celebrities whose ancestors weren't interesting enough to merit their own edition of Who Do You Think You Are?
SECRETS FROM THE WORKHOUSE ITV, 9pm Benefits are a controversial subject at the moment, but anyone in favour of totally scrapping the system may want to watch this two-part documentary first.
The 67-year-old actor, who has starred in films Troy, X-Men and The Bourne Supremacy, discovers just how badly his blood relative suffered in a new two-part series Secrets from the Workhouse (Tuesday, STV, 9pm).