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container for holding implements and materials for work (especially for sewing)

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It is the most popular of all workbags, and with good reason too.
A He'll love the Enterprise Workbag with built-in audio, pounds 65 from Marks & Spencer.
50 and the Executive Business Workbag at pounds 45.
Mr Davies told the court he kept the camera in his workbag to photograph damage to lorries.
I stood on the corner of 125th Street and Seventh Avenue on a lovely sunny day, holding my canvas workbag and a plastic grocery sack stuffed with shirts for the dry cleaner, watching the expertise of the towing guy, who needed no more than fifteen seconds to hook my car up, climb back into his truck, and start pulling away.
He went to the rear entrance to his work, went to his workbag and took out the first thing that came to hand.
Furniture, Empire sewing stand, black lacquer and gilded chinoiserie design, paw feet, turned legs, workbag, fitted tray, 16-1/2 inches by 24-3/4 inches: $1,100.
Look for the work of locals Sherry Stein, who sews sturdy canvas workbags, and Yuki Murata, creator of minimalist tableware.
Abolitionist women at the time created workbags filled with anti-slavery messages.
They took their workbags, old army gas mask valises, off the nails they had hung them on and sat down on an old six and a half timber.
A determined effort was made to separate those aspects perceived to be educational from those thought purely commercial: "It was unfortunate for Art that this exposition was connected with a Bazaar--not merely because the ideas associated with a Bazaar are those of the luxurious products of laborious idleness--fancy work, screens, cushions, workbags, purses, and similar nicknackeries,--but because many articles most illustrative of manufactures were sold as fast as they were displayed, and disappeared from the stalls before they could be examined by the artist.
For the modernists on your gift list, swing by Victoria Price Art & Design (closed Sun; 505/982-8632) in Pacheco Park, where you'll find sleek bone-china tableware from Yuki Murata, utilitarian-cool workbags by Sherry Stein, and silver baubles from Kristin Lora.