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a job action in which workers cause a slowdown by doing only the minimum amount required by the rules of the workplace

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The hospital said it "regrets" the INMO's work-to-rule, "particularly as any change in existing terms and conditions for nurses can only be advanced at a national level".
The principle for the work-to-rule tactic was always to respond to requests for service from the public, but not from the employer.
The Educational Institute of Scotland voted to ballot on a work-to-rule unless more resources are made available.
We had to cancel the Kilkenny Castle event because of the work-to-rule," said Plan Ireland's Damien Queally.
If civil servants vote in favour of strikes nationally it could mean a wave of industrial action, and the work-to-rule in Liverpool could be followed by a strike later in the year.
Responding to Paul McKeever's letter, West Midlands Police Federation chairman Andy Gilbert, said: "This is not work-to-rule, but there there are regulations that have been laid before parliament to protect officers and give them guidance on their working conditions.
During the first day of the work-to-rule the amount of contraband seized at Healthrow's terminal three had nearly doubled.
DSA have threatened members who are supporting the work-to-rule with suspension without pay, and we therefore had no alternative other than to respond with further strike action.
Mr Nutting added: 'What that means we could implement work-to-rule, an overtime ban, but it could honestly go to a full strike.
Hundreds of bins could be left full in Dunfermline, Fife, after all 86 union members voted to work-to-rule.
The length of the work-to-rule protest would be determined at a meeting on Tuesday (5 July), said the director of education at the union.
Tyne & Wear Chief Fire Officer Richard Bull warned his 1,128 firefighters not to resort to a work-to-rule, answering only 999 calls, claiming the action would put lives in danger.
This time over 69,000 Catholic elementary students in Toronto were Out of school for a number of days in May and June as their 3,600 teachers were locked Out by the school board, after the teachers initiated work-to-rule tactics.
Teacher unions say if the Government does not follow through with the proposals then a work-to-rule policy will be introduced.
Pilots with Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific Airways, who began a work-to-rule action Tuesday, threatened to continue their action indefinitely to press for better pay and working conditions.